Boston ….. more than a feeling

Boston, the world’s oldest annual marathon is the one most runners aspire to run. No exception, and after qualifying for this prestigious race last year, 2018 will be my turn. I’ve had the privilege to run in some spectacular races in some spectacular places, but Boston has always been the race that I’ve wanted to qualify for.

On my journey I’ve also had the honour and privilege to meet some very special people from the running world, inspired, as I have been, to run for somebody or for something.
When I was introduced to the inspirational Dave Fortier by a mutual friend, I knew I wanted to become involved in some way with the amazing organisation Dave created in response to the tragic events that would unfold at the Boston Marathon in 2013.

One World Strong was created by survivors of that day to build something quite inspirational and create something positive out of such tragedy. A truly global organisation, the foundation is dedicated to improving the lives of those impacted by terrorist attacks, hate crimes and traumatic events.
They provide compassionate, non-political and non-religious support to individuals and families within a few weeks of the incident and throughout the healing process. Incidents including Manchester, Paris, Orlando and Newtown have all benefited from the foundations assistance.

Five years on from Boston’s own tragedy, I will run with and for One World Strong in the hope of raising much needed funds so they are able to continue the fight against terror, hate and trauma.