Still inspiring, always remembered

It still surprises me when people comment on things I’ve done since I lost Sharon, and I continue to balk at the various unfamiliar and unjustified ways in which I’ve been described. After all, what could I ever be challenged by that could in any way compare with the words we heard just over ten years ago, and the subsequent journey I accompanied my beautiful wife on.

The challenges since have been varied. The realisation that life can still hold positive moments and bring more amazing friendships and lifelong bonds has truly been a lifesaver.

It’s started to feel like life has settled down somewhat. Training for my next sporting challenges continue to bring comfort and time to process thoughts, friendships grow and the days roll on.

Reminders will always be there and it goes without saying that I’d have it no other way. Some things however still have the ability to completely blind side me.  I never thought I’d ever wear my race t-shirts from last year again, and I certainly never expected the raft of emotions associated with putting one back on for an event that took me completely out of my comfort zone.


The organisers of the lake run had heard about my challenge and asked if I would open the race for them this year. A couple of weeks on and I still find the whole situation rather surreal really. My initial reluctance was overridden by the fact that Sharon was still being remembered and that her legacy of inspiring others was continuing.


It was an honour to be asked to open the run, something I didn’t really feel was ‘for me’, and I will always be proud to keep Sharon’s name alive no matter how hard the emotion is to deal with. I’ll always be grateful for what we shared together and the power of the emotions she is still able to elicit from me and others.



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