What’s next ? ……..

So, after the efforts of last year I decided to jump straight on to a training plan in order to try and qualify for the Boston Marathon next year and with ambitions of improving my personal best.

I was also missing the challenge of 2016 massively …… as I knew I would.

I am about to travel out to Morocco to take part in this …….

…. and so expecting my feet to be a little battered afterwards I thought a March marathon was the way to go.

After hearing good reports from friends about Barcelona’s marathon I decided to target that as my priority, risking being a little under prepared for the Marathon Des Sables.

I’m not sure how taking the risk will affect MDS, but at the moment it’s one that I’m glad I took. I finished a tough race in 3:09.26 taking 7 minutes off of my personal best time from Amsterdam 2015, in the process I qualified for Boston with a big margin and managed to get a good for age time for London.

If all goes well I’ll try to follow MDS with the Comrades Marathon in early June.

Life still has its ups and downs, but running and the people I’ve met through it, remains a positive influence.


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