The story so far ……

I find it hard to believe that it was almost ten months ago that I wrote ‘One down, nineteen to go !’ The time seems to have gone so quickly and yet at times very slowly too.

As I prepare to travel out for numbers 16 and 17, both of which present potential logistical nightmares, the rewards ….. if I manage to remain in one piece ….. will be more than worth it.

And so, having completed three-quarters of my challenge I thought now would be an opportune time to present some facts from my running year so far.

  • Miles I should have run over 15 marathons : 393
  • Miles I have run over 15 marathons : 398.1
  • Total miles run over the year so far : 999.31
  • Miles travelled to get to races : 15735
  • Countries run in : 4 – UK, USA, Norway and France
  • Toenails lost : 2
  • Pairs of trainers worn out : 2
  • Race entry fees : £666
  • Accommodation and travel cost : Scary
  • Most laps : 42 (Darwin Day Marathon)
  • Highest placed : 2nd (Enigma Winter)
  • Quickest : 3 hours 26 minutes (Enigma Winter)
  • Slowest : 5 hours 19 minutes (Arun River)
  • Average marathon time : 3.9 hours
  • Biggest medal vs Smallest medal :


  • Amount raised so far : £4,693.60

It’s unlikely that I’ll be getting any bigger or smaller medals, or running any faster than my best this year but hopefully no slower than my slowest either. But what I am fairly sure of is that the miles will increase, I will bid farewell to more toenails and money, and I’ll receive the same amazing support from you all as I get nearer to writing ‘Twenty down, I’m all done’

Until that time, these two will hopefully keep me on track ……