Thank you



To everyone that has already donated ….

To those that I know and have already thanked ….

To the marshal, the spectator, the friend of a friend, the fellow runner ….

To those that think I wish it was more …

And to those that are thinking of donating …

To you all, I say this :

I am enormously grateful for anything anyone can give. Your donation is very kind and appreciated so much.

I know the charities will also appreciate and benefit from your donation. But it means more than that to me.

For every donation I receive it’s an acknowledgement, it’s a hug, it’s a hand of friendship and it means more to me than any of you probably realise.

It’s a validation.

Some of us were fortunate to know how lucky we were to have Sharon as part of our lives, and whilst I still miss her as desperately today as I did almost nineteen months ago, she still influences every part of my day.

Every pound, every dollar, every donation, every comment means it isn’t just me she still has an effect on. To know that she is being remembered means everything.

So, don’t ever think it’s not enough, don’t ever think it’s not appreciated. You donated, you thought of her, it’s enough and believe me it is appreciated ….. so very much appreciated.

Steve xx




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