No.12 – Dorset Invader Marathon



Twelve down, eight to go

I don’t know what to write about this one …. hot ? hilly ? …. it’s done ?

So I’ve nicked Andy from White Star’s description :

Julius Caesar visited Britain in 55BC and reported “that the soil was good, there was plenty of food and people that could be used as slaves”. But the Romans did not have a large enough army to invade and conquer Britain. Skip forward to 43 AD under the Emperor Claudius the Romans invade. 44AD the Romans turn up in Dorset and pretty much smash any opposition The Celts of Dorset were mainly the Durotriges tribe and basically were given the option become part of the Roman Empire or face the consequences. The 2nd legion under Vespasian (sounds like an Italian Scooter) the future Emperor of Rome made his area capitol at Durnovaria, modern day Dorchester.Dorset is full of ancient hill forts Maiden castle, Hod and Hambledon Hill being the most notable. Anyways whats this got to do with a marathon in July? Well part of the route goes over the land used by the 2nd legion used as encampment in the days after taking Dorset you will run past a massive Celtic ditch and enclosure and run up to an Iron age Hill fort at Wetherby which will be 14 miles in the marathon (we think) So seeing as this part of Dorset is dripping in the Roman thang, we would have Roman medals and theme….any excuse to dress up. So the marathon medal is a representation of the 2nd Legion also called Legio Augusta (thats Latin that is) The Golden Eagle and Standard of the Legions Capricorn motif. 



The scenery was beautiful, organisation excellent as always, great marshals, nice schnapps at the lovestations and lovely to chat to Katherine from BCRC at the start.

Unfortunately, with the exception of the last three I didn’t appreciate much of it. My fault not the races.


Learning point :

  • There’s a fine line between fortitude and lunacy




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