No.10 – Phoenix Day Off Run


Ten down, ten to go !

Halfway there.

A late addition to the list, along with a couple of others later in the year, I was keen to get to the half way point of my challenge as soon as possible, and the lure of another massive medal took me up to Walton-On-Thames for this ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’ themed run.

My good friend Karen put me up on the Friday evening …. or rather put up with me as she lives close by. In the interests of trying out different race strategies this year, we enjoyed a nice glass of red with dinner just to test out whether it was just Mojito’s I could get away with the night before a race.

Up early on Saturday to drive the short distance to the start alongside the Thames, I collected my race number and bumped in to a few familiar faces at race hq from previous races.


Following a pre-race briefing from the run director, we started off along the Thames path on a muggy morning. The course was mostly on well maintained gravel paths entirely alongside the river, and consisted of eight out and back sections of just over three miles each.

FullSizeRender (1)

It was good to see fellow runners on each loop, sharing encouragement along the way, and great to have my own personal aid station at the other end of the loop, with Karen providing a range of goodies, fighting off killer Swans and acting as photographer for the morning …. thanks Karen ! It always means so much to have support, especially on these smaller events.

Despite having to pass a few pubs on the route I managed to resist the temptation and dug in to finish in just under four hours again which I was pretty happy with.


After collecting another massive medal I crammed some food, quick shower, quicker drive back to the coast, managed to squeeze in dropping a birthday present in to friends before getting to work with a minute to spare …. Buelleresque indeed !

Learning points :

  • Wine is ok the night before a race
  • I can run past a pub without going in ….. who’d of thought ?
  • Geese still don’t move too quickly when you run towards them
  • Swans can move pretty quickly towards you if they object to you running on their path
  • The Thames is a lovely place to be on a warm Saturday morning
  • Running whilst trying to eat two Lemon Sherbets isn’t recommended
  • I can run ten marathons in six months ….. who’d of thought ?



“I miss you when I’m sad. I miss you when I’m lonely. But most of all, I miss you when I’m happy”