No. 1 – Enigma Winter Marathon, Caldecotte Lake, Milton Keynes


One down, nineteen to go !

I arrived in a soggy Milton Keynes and met up with some good friends who had also come to run / support. After a meet and greet in the bar on Saturday night, I tried fairly unsuccessfully to get some sleep before todays event.

Unfortunately the forecasters got the weather right for a change and the day started wet and cold and progressively got wetter and colder.

I had no big intentions for the race, other than to go under four hours so I could get back to my room for a warm bath before they chucked me out !

In terms of runners, this is the smallest Marathon I’ve run, but also one of the friendliest and well organised. I got into my stride early on with Sharon in my thoughts, and it was nice to chat to other runners on the way round, many of whom had run the same course the day before.

It was great to see some familiar faces supporting, and so good of a running friend from work and his family to make the journey up to stand in the wind and rain to cheer me on.

The course was 7.5 laps of the beautiful Caldecotte Lake, mainly on solid gravel trails with the occasional mud bath and gaggle of geese thrown in !

Made pretty good progress despite the conditions …. actually because of the conditions and finished in just under three and a half hours. Feels good to get the year underway.

Learning points :

  • I need a new gel belt …. I now realise that fumbling at zips around my waist area with frozen hands could be easily misconstrued
  • I don’t need to do too many long long runs between Marathons. My longest run between Amsterdam in October and today was 18 miles
  • Bodyglide is my new best friend …. sorry Vaseline !
  • Geese don’t move out of the way very quickly when you run towards them