Thanks for checking in !

I’ve been running, ….. actually for the coming year just take this as a given ! Although I have been training in a slight state of confusion.

My ideal marathon training plan would normally consist of a 16 week plan gradually building mileage, incorporating speed (ier) sessions, recovery runs etc etc.

I wasn’t originally looking for another personal best for 2016 due to not really being able to complete a training plan having only run Amsterdam around 9 weeks ago. However, I started to look at Paris in April as one to target for a possible time.

So, I’m kind of starting a plan whilst also tapering (reducing training intensity) for my first marathon of the twenty in just over a week ! Fortunately training won’t be interrupted by Christmas this year, largely due to the fact I’m ignoring it.

I’m looking forward to getting started, experimenting a bit with my running for the year and seeing what I can do …..

…. but most of all I’ll be running with Sharon always on my mind


‘Don’t be afraid to fail, be afraid not to try’